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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [phoenix] Mock UI for Management Console
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2001 20:50:13 GMT
Uli, Peter,

>>I am quite interested in the RMI API.  I'd like to start a Swing 
>>management console that could be opened inside Jesktop (or standalone). 
>Another wild and unrelated idea, I've been tossing in my head for almost
>two years now. Apache fop can render XSLFO to AWT events (haven't tried,
>as AWT is icky), perhaps it would be possible to make it render to Swing
>for full-fledged GUI frontends.
>Since fop can also render to XML, it would probably be trivial to make it
>render to XHTML for browser-based frontends.
Here a related idea thought about some months ago.  It would be possible 
with "Long Term Persistence for Java Beans" - LTPJB - (ex of swing 
conection, now in JDK1.4) to XSL style to a complete Swing app or just 
an entire panel and stream that over TCP/IP to a handler client.  One 
the the demos for LTPJB was very close.  The difference for that over 
previous serialization was that LTPJB serializes the whole class as well 
as the instance settings. i.e. methods are serialzed too.  The 
implication is that XML could be generated to a very strong Swing GUI 
and sent to a client that has *no* element of the applications code 
base.  Server pushes pages and hadles version upgrades.  HTTP/HTML's 
request/reply contract for Swing GUIs.  If all HTML were XHTML a Swing 
GUI could be generated for each page and you might have the perfect web 
browser.  You could split your browser's functionality between server 
and client depending on client footprint and connectivity.

It was also really dangerous stuff.  If you had an instance for any Java 
app, you could serialize it to XML and have an inspectable /alternate/ 
source notation form for Java.  Nothing would be safe... you'd have to 
dynamic proxy your own application internally just to prevent 
reverse-engineer by LTPJB.

Hmm, just thought.... maybe some conditional code in "Store" that gives 
a LTPJB serialization scheme for Fede's excellent block.


- Paul H

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