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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [phoenix] Mock UI for Management Console
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2001 11:55:49 GMT

>>GUI - Good enough as is to put into code. 
>Good enough is never good enough. If you have criticisms then I would prefer 
>to hear about them earlier rather than later - it will mean less work for me 
True enough.  You (we) will never avoid refactor points though.

>The list of all the possible paths in the top level screen is

>So you can see you never deep in any editing tree so I am not sure I see any 
>advantage to a navbar. What you think about that ?
I disagree.  I've worked on (green screen) apps for 12 years and 
web-apps in the last six.  I've never seen a screen/page orientated app 
that does not have a stack of screens/pages you've navigated through to 
get to where you are.  For most of those apps, some form of visible 
display of where you are really helps the user have a minds eye view of 
the system.

Besides, I think you'll find that you do end up going fiveor six levels 
deep in the end.


It matters little though as, on merit, a nav bar can be added later.

>Well it is just standard JMX code where you also have to catch a 
>RemoteException aswell. It is a bit ugly but it is likely that the majority 
>of server console is done via a reflection API style code. Anyways heres the 
>JMX snippet
>final ObjectName object = new ObjectName(":type=deployer");
>final String method = "deploy";
>final Object[] args = new Object[] { "file:///opt/avalon/ftpserver.sar"};
>final String argTypes = new String[] { "java.lang.String" };
>mBeanServer.invoke( object, method, args, argTypes );
Ugly.  Perhaps, like for Bay, there is room for a set of delegate 
classes that make these calls strong java APIs that fit the facade pattern.

>It should be usable now. To enable Leos work just startup Phoenix with the 
>"--remote-manager" option. Unfortunately at this stage there is no sample 
>client code but hopefully I will get to this next week.

- Paul

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