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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Java on iPAQ
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 09:30:56 GMT
A mate of mine helped this console ignoramus put JavaJe XE on my iPAQ 
last night.  See www.savaje.com.

What does that mean?  
    Well, it's a fairly complete J2SE operating system.  Swing & the 
whole lot.  I think J2ME was only ever a stepping stone.

Why I am posting in this group?  

    I plan to get Phoenix running on that machine. When thats acheived 
I'll work on Jesktop until it too runs on the iPAQ.

Why bother?  
    Good point.  It just tickled my fancy the theory of getting a few 
server components running on a small device.  It only has 64Mb of RAM, 
but actually that is plenty for quite a few apps as long as they are run 
in one virtual machine.  


   The networking of the unit sucks in the current release.  It could, 
of course, just be me doing something wrong.  It appears I have to buy 
addional hardware to be able to communicate with the PC and get 
additional jars.  

What I'd hope for?

  1) People to help with Jesktop ( see www.jesktop.net for the apps that 
run on it )

  2) An open source BIOS and JVM-primative layer that sits under 
Avalon/Phoenix to make it an OS.  

Both are unlikely to happen though ;-)


- Paul H

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