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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: xdocs for cornerstone/apps/*
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 10:58:28 GMT

OK, I stand corrected amd will take you on good faith that Ant 1.4.1 
cures previous ills.  Does it pass in tools.dir as a -D param?

If it is all the things we need, I vote we remove tools/ and go with an 
installed Ant 1.4.1


- Paul H

>On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 21:27, Paul Hammant wrote:
>>>So as soon as you use build.[sh|bat] then the tools.dir is overidden.
>>>Hmmmm. Have you considered making it work more like the demo/build.xml
>>Demo does not have xdocs working either!
>but it would if you did what I suggested ;)
>>>The way I build demos is by cd'ing into apps/demo and then just "ant".
>>That's great Peter, but you are an Ant committer too.  Some months ago
>>we were juggling versions of Ant that were not committed yet.  Should we
>>use the Ant from ../jakarta-avalon/tools or not.
>either should work. The reason we had to wait for 1.4.1 was because of a bug. 
>We should be able to use 1.4.1 for everything now ... you can correct any 
>build.xmls that don't work under 1.4.1 ;)
>>I used to have Jesktop apps working like that (30 build scripts).  But
>>came to the conclusion that you could not get ant working from two
>>places in the same directory tree adequately.
>You couldn't before 1.4.1 - now you can ;)
>>My feeling is that no amopunt of effort with the current Ant will allow
>>Ant invocation at dirA/ and dirA/dirB where build.xml in the former
>>delegates to another in the latter.
>not sure what you mean but either of the following works in current 
>cornerstone CVS with released version of ant. 
>build.xml --> apps/demo/build.xml --> build.xml
>apps/demo/build.xml --> build.xml
>the first occurs if you go 
>./build.sh demo 
>while the second occurs if you go
>cd apps/demo
>>True..... But we've completely abandoned our Avalon (and possibly Ant)
>>newbies if we do that.  It's already amazingly complicated with support
>>for Ant in a number of different installed or uninstalled places, and
>>Avalon get via two routes (CVS, nighlty download, release download)
>Right - we could possibly remove ant from CVS now. We just need to document 
>the install process (basically adding xalan and junit into ant/lib) and then 
>we could almost remove the whole tools directory.

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