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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Xerces development screwed [ was Re: DOMImplementationFactory ]
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2001 11:07:19 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:

>>Incidentally, I do not think sun should put Crimson in rt.jar for
>>JDK1.4.  Age old interface/impl argument.
>I don't think they should put about 90% of the stuff in there that they do. 
>However they do realize that by removing choice from users they get more 
>power over how "standards" evolve. Jdk 1.4 includes several such "solutions" 
>- watch for more in the future for 1.5/tiger release ;(. It gets even worse 
>if you look at J2EE releases. It would not be too hard to see something like 
>struts + parts of taglib included in the j2ee.jar. 
>Combining this with poor implementation of extension mechanisms and some 
>cycnical people would say that it is a cunning strategy for certain aims ;)

Can we do something like get a petition going?

One any package structure is in the rt.jar, it's development is 
essentially halted or pointless in incraments quicker than JDK releases.

Sun could package several *non* *sun* APIs in seperate jars that the 
executable loads by default but a special option "-noload xerces;xalan" 
could switch this off for those who wanted to be bleeding edge and have 
them back in the classpath  It's not too late the JDK is still in Beta.


- Paul H

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