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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [AvalonDB] Client GUI for testing
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 22:55:34 GMT

It's committed largely.  Changes : 1) GUI in test package not utils. 2) 
batch file not submitted - I've opted for an executable jar.

Visual Age - we should generally never use the lock-in features of a 
tool.  Granted it can be compiled anywhere, but we can't WYSIWYG edit it 
other tools.  Over time we should migrate this to hand crafted GUI 


On saturday I'll begin work on the SQLX parser and complete (way broken) 
the BCEL class generation.  


- Paul H

>Hi Paul, all,
>here is a little GUI (Swing1.2) for the AvalonDB. It's
>a small user interface to test the JDBC Connection
>to the DB and fire statements and watch the Result.
>In the moment only pure socket connections are supported.
>But in nearer future, parallel to to the server development,
>soap, etc...
>Unfortunately the socket connection to the server can
>not be established (IOException) and didn't figured it out yet :(.
>Further there is little start script for the GUI (rundbtest.bat)
>and 2 new util classes for String manipulation. Stolen
>from cocoon :).
>The connect URL is
>It's not standard yet, more a working draft. Maybe we should 
>make it fix and then write some routines for syntax checking.
>Paul, did you figured something out about SQLX and parsing inside
>the server?
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