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From "Kerry Todyruik" <ke...@todyruik.com>
Subject Re: Newbe Questions about Components
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 22:57:38 GMT
Hi Paul.  Thanks for your reply.

> You know then that Framework and Excalibur are the subprojects of
> that you are going to use.  Pheonix itself os not really best used in
> webapp.  I guess you knew that,

Yes.  I am at a stage where I am concerned with understanding how to
correctly apply Framework and Excalibur.

> >The first Component I moved over was a DataSource component.  Pretty
> >straightforward.  But now, in order to access my DataSource
> >do all classes that perform a database operation need to be a
> >component?  On the same thought, do any classes that need to access
> >logging facility also need to be components?
> >
> No, not all classes need to be components.

That is what I thought, but could you elaborate more here?  How would my
non-component classes access component services like logging and

I didn't see any documentation about how to use the
ExcaliburComponentManager from within a servlet environment.  I created
a singleton class called ComponentContainer that uses the
ExcaliburComponentManager.  Is this the common way to do set this up?

I suppose, I could just get the instance of my singleton
ComponentContainer class in any class in my application and then
retrieve a component, but I thought this might not be very good

I feel like I am asking pretty fundamental questions.  Have I missed
some critical examples or documentation?

Kerry Todyruik <kerry@todyruik.com>

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