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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [RT] Avalon Developer Tools
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 20:07:33 GMT
On Fri, 16 Nov 2001 06:33, Berin Loritsch wrote:
> It would be handy to have some developer tools that don't cost an
> arm and a leg.  My question is first, "Does anyone know if these tools
> exist?", and second, "If not, are we interested in a subproject to
> house them?".  Until we upgrade, we can use the Avalonia project that
> we have at SourceForge to handle these things.
> 1) Database definition managment.  It would be Really Great (TM) to
>     have a tool that took an XML representation of a group of tables
>     and views, and spat out the DB specific SQL commands to generate
>     the database.  It would be even better if this tool could be
>     embedded in ANT!  The other side of the tool would be the GUI that
>     you used to create the XML markup.  Another Really Great (TM) thing
>     would be to handle the initial values that needed to be inserted
>     into the database to make it useable.

Turbines Torque sounds perfect for this job! It is really really kool.

It is/was going through a bit of an evolution a while back but other than 
that I loved it. It was basically a OR-Mapping tool combined with a useful 
set of ant tasks. Highly recomended.

I can't remember if it does "dump data to xml" off hand (I am fairly sure it 
dumps schema to xml) but it should not be hard to do if it doesn'.t

> 2) Configuration GUI.  Let's face it, building a configuration file
>     by hand is only enjoyable by people who know what they are doing.
>     For the rest of us, we need a GUI to help out.  One particular
>     utility we can use is Xybrix (http://jbrix.org/kits/xybrix).  It
>     takes XForms (or a close proximation) and generates the GUI
>     dynamically.  That way, components can have the XForms definition
>     with them and Xybrix can generate the entry for it.

Sounds interesting - haven't looked at it before. Another option is to define 
component configuration using Schema/DTD and use a tool like Merlot to edit 
the config. There is also a few tools around like that for editing EJB 
descriptors that we should be able to write different plugins for for Blocks 

IIRC both the OpenEJB and JBoss project have different tools. (OpenEJB's jedi 
was hosted at sourceforge IIRC under a MIT license)

> 3) Component Server.  When you want to really make something a bit
>     easier to maintain, you want your tools to manage the monitoring
>     and notifications of updates.  That way you can always have the
>     most current version of a Component.  This may work better for
>     Blocks, but it's an idea we had a long time ago (hense the
>     blockinfo descriptor files, etc.)


Write an agent for this and you are all good to go. I will talk more of this 
soon when I have time to fully do a brain dump.



Sorry, I forgot to take my medication today.

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