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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: AW: Jo! on Phoenix
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2001 12:25:39 GMT
On Sat, 3 Nov 2001 21:15, Hendrik Schreiber wrote:
> Hi!
> > Had a look at it and it has one of the best user manuals around - I was
> > shocked ;)
> Well, I studied journalism :-)

ahhh ;)

> Though it also has a book/license at the top of each
> > source file
> > that is kinda ugly ;(
> I am not sure which version you looked at, but I changed the license to
> LPGL plus the unfortunately necessary Sun stuff.

I looked at the version before your last release (b5 I think?). You had to 
scroll down 3 times to get to first line of code. The license does not really 
need to be included at the top of every file - especially as parts (ie sun 
stuff) have zero relevence to file contents abut are only relevent to 
distribution as a whole. 

It would be much nicer if there was one version of license(s) in project and 
each source file had a small pointer to them.

> > Do you know if he plans to do servlet 2.3 ?
> I will, as soon as I have time.


> > excelent. Do you know off hand if he supports JNDI enc
> > references. The reason
> > is that the one of the four remaining jobs to do before Phoenix
> > goes beta is
> > to get a management console up and running. I was thinking that
> > it would be
> > very very fun to have that as a .war file that had the
> > MBeanServer passed in
> > via JNDI.
> jo! doesn't have any jndi support built in. Wouldn't it be a good idea to
> build JNDI support as separate block/service and let jo! use that?

yep. There would still need to be support inside jo! though as it has to make 
sure that it is mapped per-war. Phoenix could map it per-sar but that still 
needs to be reworked a bit for jo!

> The way it works with JBoss is that while deploying a WAR, the DOM tree and
> the webapps ContextClassLoader are handed to JBoss, which in turn creates a
> "env" subcontext for "java:comp" which is specific for a particular webapp.
> Of course that could be easily done by jo! as long as proper JNDI is
> present.


> How much is actually provided by the standard JNDI RI that comes with the
> JDK. Does it have "java:comp" contexts built in? If so, it should be a
> piece of cake. If not, how difficult can that be?

Actually JNDI is one API where you are required to write tons of code to get 
it up and running gracefully. However I mostly have this done and it can be 
grabbed from the excalibur project in the package


You will want to create a MemoryContext per web application and populate it 
with all the things appropriate.  Then you will have to create an 
InitialContextFactory. This factory would get the base context for the 
current web application (usually stored in a ThreadLocal variable). After 
that it *should* work ;)

> Here is what I will do - if jo! can create the context and add all the
> entries, it will, if not, it won't. So if an appropriate JNDI context is
> present, it will be used.
> What do you think?

works for me ;)



"Sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut and 
let people think your an idiot, than to open it 
and remove all doubt." 

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