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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: SAR extraction
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 10:58:54 GMT
On Fri, 2 Nov 2001 07:57, Serge Knystautas wrote:
> In James (using a mid-September snapshot of Avalon), there's a somewhat
> annoying problem that when you rebuild the .sar file, and run Avalon again,
> Avalon will override anything in the apps directory with what's in the sar.
> For instance, if I ran Avalon once, changed apps/james/conf/config.xml,
> rebuilt the sar (because of a class change... I left config.xml alone), and
> reran Avalon, my changes get lost.


> Would it be possible to have the sar check timestamps on existing files and
> only extract newer ones?  Would this violate a design principle of the
> sar's or otherwise be unfeasible to do?

well - not sure. If we follow the .war standard then it probably would 
because the .war is meant to be the complete deployment format. It becomes 
even more difficult to decide when we have data files included inside the 
.sar - do we extract them or not ?

I was thinking of something like the following in the future.

./phoenix-install.sh james ../some/path/james.sar (can be done while phoenix 
is running or before it is run)

./phoenix-uninstall.sh james (must be done after phoenix has undeployed app 
or phoenix is not running)

uninstall would delete all parts of app while if you installed over the top 
of another app then you could be prompted which files you wanted to overide 
and so on.




you've made a dangerous leap right over common 
sense, like some kind of metaphysical Evil Knievel

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