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From "Vincent Massol" <vmas...@octo.com>
Subject [repost:framework/excalibur] how do I use log4j ?
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 11:42:38 GMT

I'd like to know if it is possible to use Log4j with Excalibur component
manager. The answer is probably no in the current version.
ExcaliburComponentManager extends AbstractLoggable which uses logkit classes
(it extends Loggable and not LogEnabled). BTW, I find it a pity that we had
to use the name LogEnabled where Loggable seems a much better name to me (I
know we need to pay attention to existing users).

My problem is that on the current project I am working, if  I cannot make
all avalon components (that we need) perform logging with Log4j, we probably
won't be able to adopt Avalon ... [They have standardized on Log4j for
logging (and have been developing for 1 year) and I'm trying to bring Avalon
to help develop properly the code (best patterns) and also transform it to
unit testable code using mock object strategy].

It seems to me that you were previously using LogKit and are now moving to
be implementation neutral (log4j, logkit, jdk1.4, ...). However, it seels
there are sill a lot of places where  logkit dependencies remain. Is that
right ?

What do you think about having an AbstractLogEnabled class that would
extends AbstractLoggable but also implement LogEnabled ? And then, for all
components, replace "extends AbstractLoggable" by "extends
AbstractLogEnabled" ? And deprecate Loggable and AbstractLoggable ?

I'm sure you have already discussed this subject at length so I hope I'm not
covering already decided grounds. I have to admit I have not spent too much
time going throught the previous month posts (I have just started looking at
avalon during the past 2 weeks).


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