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From Michael McKibben <m...@hihat.net>
Subject Re: Avalon vs. EJB (JBoss)
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 23:52:55 GMT
I am not sure it is a question of one or the other! You may be able to
have your cake and eat it too. JBoss is bootstrapped as a JMX MBean, so in
the future (or maybe already today) Phoenix will be able to start up JBoss
via the JBoss bootstrap MLET file.

On the other hand, you can also embed Phoenix inside JBoss by writing a
simple JBoss MBean service which loads a sar via

Also, you can still build applications using Avalon within the J2EE
Framework. Cocoon is an excellent example of this.


On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Neeme Praks wrote:

> At work we have started the process of replacing our current "application
> server" with some other, that would fit our needs better. As the process was
> started without me, others already chose to implement the new system on top
> of JBoss (but I can still drive them towards Avalon, if I would have enough
> arguments).
> A little bit about the system itself:
> It is a request-response type of a system (for SMS applications), that will
> receieve request on a socket listener and will use messaging (JMS) as the
> main communication method between different parts of the system. It will be
> heaviliy componentized, to allow for better reusability.
> When I was involved into this process, and I heard that they chose to use
> JBoss, I suggested to consider Avalon as well. So far, I haven't really
> succeeded in turning them towards Avalon, and, as I do not really know all
> the pro/con arguments in the discussion of Avalon vs. JBoss, I'm not sure if
> I'm able to do that.
> Maybe others, more familiar with the two, can give some more insights on the
> similarities/differences between them?
> So far, I came up with the following arguments:
> Avalon arguments:
> * Avalon is more lightweight, better customizable
> * the framework encourages designing well componentized applications (not
> sure about EJB)
> * EJB standard development is out of our reach, while we can influence the
> development of Avalon (as long as the influence makes sense)
> * it's fun to participate on the mailing list and discuss "cutting-edge"
> topics in CS ;-)
> JBoss arguments:
> * JBoss is based on EJB standard, giving you some confidence that when JBoss
> fails to deliver, you can move to some other EJB vendor
> * JBoss is also well designed and componentized
> Some more? Does this comparison make sense at all?
> I think these issues would be also interesting for the general public and
> could be put on the website as well.
> Rgds,
> Neeme
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