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From Peter Royal <pro...@managingpartners.com>
Subject phoenix use question with catalina/bay & cocoon
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 19:04:17 GMT
I'm not quite sure how to hook together all the phoenix pieces to get it to 
do what I want here.

We have an application that is 2 pieces, a piece built with Cocoon that 
currently runs in Tomcat 3.x which communicates with the 2nd piece via RMI. 
This is slow. I want to bring them into the same JVM (when both pieces are 
on the same machine), and I believe phoenix is the tool I need to do that. 
I can package up my RMI server as a block no problem, I'm just not sure of 
how to make that available to the avalon structure that lives inside the 
Cocoon webapp.

I looked at the Bay wrapper for Catalina, but I don't see any easy way to 
pass information into webapps. I'm thinking maybe the parent 
ComponentManager support that was added to Cocoon might be what I'm looking 
for? But it seems to just allow you to define a class to be instantiated. 
I'm not quite sure how it can "reach out" into the phoenix world that 
contains it.

Any guidance will be appreciated :)

peter royal -> proyal@managingpartners.com
managing partners, inc. -> http://www.managingpartners.com

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