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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Developing with avalon
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 12:51:09 GMT
Simona Cohen wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm checking whether I can use avalon for my project, and saw your document
> "Developing with avalon".
> I would like to say that it's very important to have such a document, and
> we need more of these including examples.

I hope you don't mind me CC:ing the list.  This is to give them a heads up
that some changes to the doc building are ahead.

> I would like to ask the following:
> (1) Do you have a printable version of that document? The document on the
> web doesn't print well. Maybe you have a MS Word version that prints
> better.

Unfortunately, I don't have that version any more.  However, because of the
popular demand, I will now have to spend time developing the transformer to
make a PDF from the DocBook.

> (2) Is the example presented in you paper a working example? Can I have the
> full example to run it? Its there a zip to download that includes that
> example?

No.  It was a hypothetical example to provide a practical means of describing
the process of breaking a system into components.  That being said, I know
of someone who has implemented their system very much like the one I described.

> (3) Its seems that every sub-component of avalon has its own download. I'm
> afraid that one download will not work with another. Is there a link to
> download all avalon including its sub-components in one zip?

:)  Not, yet.  Avalon is still evolving.  The LogKit, Excalibur, and Framework
are the most mature, and the released versions should all work together.

> (4) Are there examples/demos that I can compile and run to see how avalon
> is used? I didn't see those demos as parts of the download?

Yes, but you have to use CVS.  I would recommend getting the latest Phoenix
and Cornerstone from CVS.

Phoenix is the Kernel for the server framework, and takes care of all the
management issues.

Cornerstone has the core Blocks that you can use in your own system, plus
three other example server applications: a fully functioning FTP server,
Jesktop core, and a wrapper to embed Tomcat 4.0 into Phoenix.  There are
also some generic server applications that are just samples.  You have
the usual HelloWorld service, a very simple HTTP proxy service, and some
other ones I can't remember.

Apache Cocoon (http://xml.apache.org/cocoon2) is the most famous user of
Avalon Framework/Excalibur/LogKit.  It is our poster child because it shows
the stability and the scalability of the basic part of the whole framework.

> Many Thanks,
> Simona Cohen
> IBM Research Lab in Haifa, Israel
> E-mail: simona@il.ibm.com
> Lotus Notes: Simona Cohen/HAIFA/IBM@IBMIL
> Phone: +972-4-8296479
> Fax: +972-4-8550070
> Address: IBM Haifa Research Lab, Matam, Haifa 31905, Israel

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