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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: sar undeployment implementation
Date Sun, 07 Oct 2001 06:08:50 GMT
On Sun, 7 Oct 2001 12:03, Mircea Toma wrote:
> > a list of files we install. Each file we copy we should copy via a
> > DigestOutputStream and then get a MessageDigest of each file. So after we
> > install these files we create an installation "transcript" that looks
> > like
> >
> > blocks/cornerstone.bar &jG%Jp(64H
> >
> > with one file + digest per line.
> >
> > Then when we goto uninstall we only try to delete the files actually
> > installed. And we make sure they haven't been modified by getting their
> > digest and if they have been modified we skip deletion.
> Got it!... One question though, if we don't have to unjar the .sar files in
> the future there will be no need to do this step.

We will need it for all the other non-support material. ie a Web server may 
come with docs, a few sample .war files or whatever.

> Then I would better try
> to work on the VFS or a protocol handler that will allow to read nested
> jars. Maybe you can explain how do you see it done?!

VFS would be nice but I think it would be overkill at this stage. I was 
simply thinking of creating a URLStreamHandler that reads from a jar. So we 
could go "sar:/SAR-INF/lib/myBlocks.jar" to refer to that resource in the 

As jar URLs can contain nested URLs we would then specify a particular class 
like and all would run fine with a simple 1 line change in installer.


So basically al you should have to implement is a URLStreamHandler and a 
simple URLStreamHandlerFactory. It should be simple and just take a bit of 



My opinions may have changed, 
but not the fact that I am right

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