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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject New Cornerstone app - "Bay" - a wrapper for tomcat4 (AKA Catalina)
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2001 00:04:19 GMT
It's commited.

To get it working you'll need to download a nightly binary build of 
Tomcat 4 (Catalina).  

1) Unzip contents of that download to apps/bay/catalina (making a new 
dir as you do).
2) Cornerstone "build bay all"
3) From the unzipped tomcat, copy servlet.jar (in common/lib) and 
jasper-runtime.jar (lib) to phoenix/lib
4) Place the sar file (4Mb!) in apps dir
5) Run as usual

That should launch Catalina on port 8080 and it should serve the default 
website.  Servlets work, JSP does not (tools.jar not in classpath).  We 
could do what the excellent OrionServer does and have tools.jar copied 
to a lib dir as part of installation, but that sucks.  Can we think of a 
correct way for blocks to determine JAVA_HOME?

The Bay service has no methods as yet, but as previously mentioned, it 
should be easy to have "publishWebsite(x,y,z)".  The are two block 
implementations of the service.  One that does a serving presence (but 
serves nothing as yet) and another that extends that and serves the 
tomcat examples etc (only useful to prove it works).

The copying of the two jars is to overcome a classloading problem.  Some 
core classloading comps in Catalina assume that they have been loaded 
from the primordial classloader. This is normally the case for the way 
it is lanched from the command prompt, but not in our case.  It would be 
nice to get it fixed.  Also non-ideal is the the lack of ability to 
specify our own connection and thread management.  Peter thinks this is 
not so necessary.

Lastly the way it has been coded (against Peters advice ;-) is to use 
it's own classloader to give Catalina its familiar environment.  I've 
used reflection in the setup stage to do the necessary method calls.


- Paul H

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