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From "Vassilis Rizopoulos" <...@zuehlke.com>
Subject Re: Implementing the dream...
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 15:06:23 GMT
>sounds interesting. (and go with Velocity unless you need to learn JSP or 
Already made up my mind about that and I'm going with Velocity. I already know JSP and it
doesn't let me isolate my logic as good as Velocity promises - and I think it will deliver.
With JSP I have a problem with the lifecycle of a single bean used by the JSP (with the include:bean
directive) and Velocity will let me use a servlet with a slightly more complex lifecycle control
(init() etc.) as a container. Although the whole nightmare infrastructure resulting from this
solution slightly defeats the Wiki idea :))(Apache + Tomcat + Velocity + Excalibur - a good
integration exercise). Maybe not, because there is an interesting discussion springing from
the plugability of the design - using a ComponentSelector to choose between page renderers
and search engines can expand a wiki almost without limit (again defeating the keep it simple
and to the point ideas inherent in Wiki - never at the usage level, but at the inner workings
level for sure :) ).

>>         DefaultConfigurationBuilder builder = new
>> DefaultConfigurationBuilder(); Configuration sysConfig =
>> builder.buildFromFile("E:/development/wiki/src/conf/avalon-wiki.xml");
>> Configuration roleConfig =
>> builder.buildFromFile("E:/development/wiki/src/conf/roles.xml");
>> RoleManager roles = new DefaultRoleManager();
>replace above with 
>DefaultRoleManager roles = new DefaultRoleManager();
>and the below should work
>>         roles.configure(roleConfig);
Well, it was a case of staring at the tree and missing the forest or rather blindly following
documentation without thinking :)). Did exactly this and went further to find and correct
my other mistakes :)))
Since I'm documenting this (design choices, code examples etc.) maybe you could use it as
an example too (It still needs a lot of work, but it's a shame to waste so many bytes of notes).
One more point I stumbled on:
AbstractLoggable is there to help make Loggable components. Is there a certain reason it doesn't
implement the Component interface so that deriving classes don't have to explicity define
it themeselves? (It took me about 15 minutes to trace the ClassCastExceptions from this thing
- I guess I'm not thinking quickly anymore :)) ).

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