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From "Vassilis Rizopoulos" <...@zuehlke.com>
Subject Implementing the dream...
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 12:02:43 GMT

OK, I got wind of Avalon only a short while ago (after an extended period of holidays devoid
of electronic interference I returned and found ASF piling up the new and interesting stuff)
and I liked it a lot I should say.So I started reading and then I wanted something to implement
the ideas and API on so...I ported Wiki as a set of components. Don't even begin to ask why,
it's one of those X-file type things.
My idea was to have the entry point as a servlet (or a JSP page - JSP works good as a template
for those familiar with the inner workings of Wiki - But now I found out about Velocity, and
that looks better) and the whole functionality on a set of Avalon components (so, that would
be a Block, no? ) i.e. request processor, page renderer, search engine, page storage.
Now, the whole concept goes like this:
I have a JSP page that loads a bean. That bean will serve as the container for my service,
meaning it will instantiate any components, manage their lifecycle etc (can I do that AND
use a component manager?).
I wrote this (keeping the 'Development...' document close at hand)

        DefaultConfigurationBuilder builder = new DefaultConfigurationBuilder();
        Configuration sysConfig = builder.buildFromFile("E:/development/wiki/src/conf/avalon-wiki.xml");
        Configuration roleConfig = builder.buildFromFile("E:/development/wiki/src/conf/roles.xml");
        RoleManager roles = new DefaultRoleManager();

and I get this

    [javac] E:\development\wiki\src\gr\umbra\wiki\avalon\WikiBean.java:44: Method configure(org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.Configuration)
not found in interface org.apache.avalon.excalibur.component.RoleManager.
    [javac]         roles.configure(roleConfig);

using Excalibur-4.0b4 and Framework 4.0b3. Which is actually correct. The question is, how
do I configure the RoleManager component?
If there is another list more appropriate for these questions flame me and point it out :))

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