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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject [phoenix] Resprucing Blockinfo
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 14:02:12 GMT

I finally got around to resprucing BlockInfo and decided to remove the 
<meta/> section. It wasn't being used and wasn't really that useful ;) It 
basically included a lot of meta information that was arbitrarily associated 
with Blocks supposedly to use in GUI configuraor but not really that useful.

However I added another section <block/> that replaced some of the 
functionality. Currently it looks like


However I have been thinking about allowing another sub-element <classname/> 
that gave classname of Block. However this is kinda redundent because the 
location of BlockInfo automatically specified classname of block. ie If a 
Blockinfo file is at "com/biz/blocks/Foo.xinfo" we automatically know that 
the classname of the block is com.biz.blocks.Foo. 

So my question is; What do you think - should we require this subelement or 
should we determine block classname based on location of BlockInfo ??

BTW: I have been tinkering with XML Schema support for configurations inside 
the <block/> element and may get a chance to implement it in the next few 
months (finally - yay!!).

BTW2: This is all backwards compatible ... it just issues warnings if you 
don't specify new section and ignores the old section.



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