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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Can we clean up for a Phoenix Alpha release?
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2001 14:03:31 GMT
On Wed, 19 Sep 2001 23:02, Berin Loritsch wrote:
> The reason I am asking is to help the Phoenix project.  We
> already have alot of infrastructure in place.  I would like
> to have us tie up any loose ends, and release Phoenix 4.0a1
> to the public.  Shortly after that, we would need to clean
> up Cornerstone, and release that as Cornerstone 4.0a1 to the
> public as well.

Okay sounds good. I want to do the following before release and can probably 
finish it by Sunday

* Move ThreadPooling out of kernel and into Application as a ThreadManager 
block. The old style will issue deprecation warnings but still should work. 
Make all current cornerstone blocks work using service rather than via 
* Do more error checking on recently committed ThreadContext code in 
excalibur (unit tests would be good too).

If someone else was willing to do things like
* Make sure all documentation is correct and update docs where appropriate 
(like including the new <logs> format that you can enable by setting <logs 

Another really really really good idea would be to look at 
jakarta-tomcat-4.0/services/** code and make a simple launcher for phoenix. 
The services code basically turns Phoenix into a native service on whatever 
platform you are on. Unfortunately my dev platform is not compatible with 
this code (due to me twiddling too much with my library structure and 
breaking Suns JVM). Another Win32 solution is 
http://www.alexandriasc.com/software/JavaService/index.html but I can't 
compile that either as I use unix ;)

Anyways - having that plus a nice shutdown.sh script would be good ;)

> This will help us in the long run (really).  We need to release
> early/release often esp. with our alpha products.

agreed. I just don't have the cycles atm. Though I think I may have finally 
figured out all the things I need to change to get Phoenix working as I want 
- I have been looking at HPs CSF and OSGIs (?) framework over last week or 
so. Theres some damn fine ideas in both of them that I intend to "borrow" ;)

Whats really funny is that CSF is sooo similar to Framework + Excalibur + 
Phoenix I thought I was looking at our own code. It uses the same code 
conventions and has code that is near identical to our own with slight 
variations. Ie we use CascadingException they use WrapperException, we use 
start() they use startService(), we chuck meta-info in different package 
while they merge it into main one etc. Theres a few things they have that we 
don't and vice versa but it is good to see the ideas we have been exploring 
are so similar ;)

CSF definetly has some good ideas ... In ways they are more generic and 
lightweight because they allow CSF to be embedded in other things easily and 
may form basis of other apps and they also allow hierarchial "partitions" (ie 
Applications) which would be fantastic for certain realms (ie jesktop). 
Hopefully we can incorporate some of their ideas. There are also some icky 
bits in CSF but we can ignore those bits ;)



I think not; therefore I ain't...

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