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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Wrapping Catalina as an Avalon block
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2001 12:32:39 GMT
On Sun, 16 Sep 2001 22:42, Paul Hammant wrote:
> >>Also, it would be handy for the Block to be able to get the root
> >>directory of where it's sar has been unpacked to.
> >
> >like BlockContext.getBaseDirectory() ? ;)
> Doh!


> I kinda figured that Cornerstone/apps was best.  Why?
> 1) Tomcat is Apache license.
> 2) If we want the cooperation of the Tomcat team, a source forge mounted
> project will really not help win hearts and minds.

sounds good to me.

> Cool.  It's not implementation or heritage I'm worried about, it is
> duplication in one VM.  If we push down the road of phoenix can be a
> complete server, then it would be nice to have all sockets going through
> a single implemenetation of connection manager.  Many benefits including
> load balancing and firewalling (up to a point as Socket level is not
> packet level).  Ideally, Catalina could allow use of an alternative
> "void handleConnect(Socket s)" manager.  Just like what I have asked the
> HypersonicSQL team to integrate.

I don't actually mind diversity so much. Diversity may add complexity in 
short term but it does help "survival" in an evolving system. Maybe if the 
proper abstractions were put in place then Phoenix services could be reused 
internally to TC4. I suspect this is possible as long as we also implement 
the appropriate TC4 interfaces. This may require a bit more work though ;)

> Can commit to cornerstone/apps/bay (The island of Catalina has an
> "Avalon Bay").  I won't push the catalina jars up, just instructions on
> how to get them or mabe an ant target that goes and gets them...  In
> total it's about 20Kb being committed.

sounds good to me.



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