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From "RefuX Zanzeebarr" <re...@hotmail.com>
Subject Component Startup ordering
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Ok Avalon Newbie question here :)

I have two hypothetical Components A and B.

Component A is initializable, startable, threadSafe
When start() is called, it executes a command line string.
This component also has methods to define the arguments that command line is 
called with.

Component B is Composable, threadSafe
When compose is called B gets A and defines various command line args it 
needs A to have set.

However I have situations occur when A is started before B sets the command 
line args.
Thus I have my executable running with the wrong command line args.

The ways I see to fix this are:
1. HACK: make A wait x Seconds before executing the process

2. A waits (in its own thread) until all the components are initialized (is 
there a way to determine this?),
   and then starts itself.

3. ?

I'm figuring you Avalon experts will have much better ideas that I do,
thatís why I'm asking! :)


p.s. Is there really much difference between a Block and a Component?
It just looks to me like the Block author has some ideas that were (for some 
reason) not rolled in to the main framework, and thus implemented as a 
different solution.

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