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From "Leo Simons" <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject RE: [Vote] Rana Bhattacharyya's FtpServer
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2001 07:04:09 GMT
> >>3) rename from "plain" FtpServer to AptSnarf (anagram of "Rana's 
> >>FTP") as Apache does not do plain
> >>names.
> >>
> >
> >My choice would be simply "Avalon FTP Server" as it is quite clear
> >and correct a description and solidifies the avalon brand name.
> >
> This seems to be a common objection, and "Avalon FTP Server" has some 
> simplicity to it.  What package name?  aftps?

works for me...

> >On another subject, this is the third app we're putting
> >in cornerstone that is not really a cornerstone. Time to
> >vote on an jakart-avalon-applications cvs, perhaps?
> >(containing the FTP Server, the proxy server (which is
> >called HTTP Proxy) and XCommander (which perhaps should
> >be called Avalan XML Socket Server)).
> Well, HTTPProxy is quite lightweight on features, and though there could 
> be more, is definately only a demo at the moment.  XCommander is quite 
> descriptive - I thought, but yes, a move to apps/ would be good.

XCommander was a programming exercise where I had a valid use case
("a generic framework to ease the development of XML Socket Programs
communicating with the Flash 5 plugin") and it ended up being more
useful than most existing products (at that time, dev in this area
is fast).
Since most people use it not as an example/demo but as an app, it
should probably be branded as such.> 

> All of these apps should generate different SAR files - yes?  Whereas 
> the demos and cornerstone fundamentals could share one...

yup. Are we all in agreement?


- Leo

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