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From "Leo Simons" <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject [off-topic] RE: Current status of post release issues:
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 20:21:38 GMT
<<Thus, I decided to abandon the effort and install windows 2000 with
> cygwin. While trying to reformat my hard drive to NTFS, I managed to
> screw it up so completely that the only thing I could do to get running
> again was run an 'NSA-strength' data destroyer boot floppy over the
> entire disk. Took 87 hours, btw.
> I installed win2000 on a FAT 32 disk. Worked fine for about two days;
> when I tried to install the latest service pack though, the thing started
> hickupping; when I installed IE 5.5, it died. Hurray.

Is your hardware compatible with Win2k?  I am running it with no problems.
I find Win2k to be pretty stable/usable for a MS OS.>>

I did too before I tried ADSL or any upgrade of the OS. Anyway, it should
be compatible as it's all standard components which are neither too old nor
too new - the fact that SuSe recognizes all of it automatically except for
my graphics tablet (which does work btw) and MS joystick should say

<<> So, now I'm running the ugly but at least working windows 98 again.....

yuck.  98 sucks>>

I only have to look at it for e-mail. Other than that, I run cygwin...
anyhow, my ISP/employer is thinking about putting one of their backup
in my house (you know, website backup in case of fire)...which should also
leave me with a 100baseT-like permanent connection for my home PC. Only
catch here is that I'll be forced to run Red Hat 6.2 on it...something I can
live with =)
Then again, it's probably never gonna happen ;/



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