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From tom.klaa...@the-ecorp.com
Subject [Excalibur] DefaultPool: Could not create enough components to se rvice your request
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 09:23:31 GMT

The error mentioned in the subject line has been reported several times on
this list.

Now, when putting load on Cocoon 2, I got the same error. And I found the

The problem is in this piece of code:

public Poolable get() throws Exception
      if( m_ready.size() == 0 )
         if( this instanceof Resizable )
            ((Resizable)this).grow( m_controller.grow() );  //**
            if ( m_ready.size() > 0 )
		    obj = (Poolable) m_ready.remove( 0 );

If this code is entered by thread1, and m_ready.size()==0, it tries to
increase the pool and go on. No problem. But if thread1 is preempted at the
position marked by //** by thread2, thread2 will find a m_ready.size() of
1, takes that instance out of the pool and sets m_ready.size() back to 0.
When thread1 starts executing again, it will find no more instances in the
pool and exit with an exception.

(I hope I make myself a bit clear)

Now, if I'm trying to get something out of an SoftLimitingResourcePool, I
would expect to always get an object. With the code provided here, this
does not happen. The solution would be to put the grow() statement in a
while loop:

while (m_ready.size() == 0) {
   ((Resizable)this).grow( m_controller.grow() );

This will guarantee you that you have an instance available when you get
out of the loop.

I tried this solution. And I got a deadlock. The problem was that for
HardLimitingResourcePools, it might not be possible to acquire something
out of the pool. And if some threads that have one instance out of the
pool, are requiring another one, they will all be waiting on each other
(thus a deadlock). So for HardResourceLimitingPools, we should throw an
exception, and let the calling method decide what to do. In that way, the
calling method should try to acquire all necessary resources before trying
to use them (in a loop, each time releasing all resource that it has and
waiting for some time.)

So I came up with attached patch. I don't particularly like the 
	if (this instanceof HardResourceLimitingPool) {
statement, but then again, neither do I like the 
	if( this instanceof Resizable )

I hope this makes it to excalibur (maybe in a slightly modified version),
it would take out the racing condition that causes so much headaches.

I'd be happy to discuss this further.


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