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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Announcing SOAP service with Glue impl
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 07:29:08 GMT
I have coded a cornerstone service that publishes a service (though it 
could be any object/api) as SOAP api.  

The service is generic and has ..
    void publish(Object obj, String publicationName)
    void unpublish(String publicationName)
.. as methods.

The implementation (not really default) I have written uses Glue ( 
http://www.themindelectric.com/products/glue/glue.html ) to publish this 
over HTTP.  The config.xml for that block takes a port to mount it's 

To test, I have written a SOAPHelloWorldServer that <depends> on the new 
block and the old HelloWorldServer.  It's only code of consequence is 
the publication of the HelloWorldServer api to allow remote clients (I 
this case a mainable tester) to change the greeting for the 
HelloWorldServer.  The SOAPHelloWorld block is distributed in a separate 
.sar as it depends on optional jars and would only confuse newbies in 
encountered in the main avalon-demo.sar.

All are just about ready to book in.  This gives Avalon easy & generic 
.NET capability (amongst other things).  Of course Glue is the only impl 
so far and I'm sure Apache's own SOAP api could work too.  When 
retrofitted I am sure it'll mean refactoring the service, but hey, 
that's normal right?

Lastly, I'm not booking in the jars from Glue's download as it's subject 
to "I consent" style agreements before use, though free for certain uses.

Shall I book this in, or is it a bad idea?


- Paul H

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