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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Jesktop not starting with latest (from CVS) Phoenix & Cornerstone
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2001 12:30:21 GMT
>>The WindowManager was configurable but with not configuration.  So I
>>removed the interface and there was no improvement :-(
>If you in logs, the jesktop-windowmanager is still the block that is causing 
>an error. It is still implementing Configurable (maybe indirectly?) or else 
>getConfiguration() would never be called on repository. See 
Nahh checked again I removed it. Maybe build did not pick up on that 
change - I'll do build real-cleans etc.

>So I would check to make sure it is not indirectly implementing Configurable. 
>What would be kool is if you modified StartupPhase so that if 
>getConfiguration() generated an error, a more useful warning is given. 
>SOmething like "Block Foo implements Configurable but there is no 
>coresponding configuration data for it. Check config source.". Sound good? ;)
Will do if that's the culprit. ;-)  How else could I test it ;-)

>>Peter, I could be awefully cheeky and ask you to take a look?  You have
>>ADSL? Still remember your password for oss.perforce.co.uk ?
>>If yes, I'll have to book in my changes first ;-)
>I don't have windows anymore so assuming perforce has a linux client and the 
>above didn't help I will give it a shot. ug... that means I will have to try 
>to figure out how to modify my client-spec again !
Linux is fine.  Get "P4" (linux executable) from 

export P4PORT=oss.perforce.co.uk:1666
export P4USER=guest
export P4CLIENT=something-unique-or-original
p4 sync

(then wait a while cos I have a forked version of batic in there)

Alternatively do the following for a quicker start.  You can always sync 
on the full lot later.

p4 sync //depot/projects/AvalonCommon/...
p4 sync //depot/projects/Jesktop/Jesktop/...
p4 sync //depot/projects/Jesktop/Apps/...
p4 sync //depot/projects/Jesktop/build.sh
p4 sync //depot/projects/Jesktop/build.xml

In AvalonCommon do "build"
The same in Jesktop

Thein in Jesktop/Jesktop/phoenix/bin/run - but you knew that ;-)

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