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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Where's the beef?
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 04:18:22 GMT
On Fri,  3 Aug 2001 05:22, John Huxoll Gardner wrote:
> It seems that the 4.0 release of Avalon omits a bunch of material that was
> provided in previous releases; I've found docs e.g. at jesktop.org that
> refer to <avalon-root>/apps directories and <avalon-root>/bin/run scripts.

Yep after last release with everything in one project we split the project up 
into many parts. That way different parts that have different 
characteristerics (ie stable vs not stable etc) can be released separately.

> I've downloaded and built Avalon 4.0, but it just leaves me with a jar,
> which isn't terribly exciting.
> What I would really like is a release of Phoenix, but I suppose it's still
> too pre-alpha.

hopefully one will occur in next few weeks. Basically it is waiting on a 
release of excalibur subproject. After that it is about 30 minutes work to 
prep a release ;)

> I think it would be useful if the Avalon release included phoenix and a
> "Hello World" .sar as a starting point, or at least if the readme supplied
> an URL for a sample implementation.

Well we have cornerstone which has a demo .sar and a list of useful utilities 
(scheduler, connection manager, socket factories etc). When we release 
phoenix we will release cornerstone not long after.

> Also, has anyone noticed that the 4.0 release download link from the
> Jakarta binary releases page is broken?

eek! Fixed.



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