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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: phoenix reworking
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 05:44:05 GMT
On Thu,  2 Aug 2001 13:58, Stephen McConnell wrote:
> > The whole system is setup so we can differentiate between
> > "installing" (extracting files and registering components) and
> > "deploying" (take extracted files and making them go at a
> > particular time). However that is yet to be implemented.
> >
> > I also wanted to make an ant task that verified config files
> > before running server but never got around to iut ;)
> What's the current status of "full" server lifecycle control (i.e.
> graceful server suspension and/or shutdown) 

well I have actually implemented it ... but I can't test it. I implemented it 
on top of jakarta-tomcat-4.0/service product (basically a daemon/service 
runner). However it has issues with the JVM I primarily use (IBMs). And I 
can't switch to Suns jdk because I recently updated to a new version of glibc 
on linux that breaks Suns JVM (and I don't want to switch back to win32).

I you are willing to be a guinea pig ... errr I mean tester ... I can upload 
the classes and tack on a basic script to launch it like this. However I 
can't guarentee it works ;)

For a long term solution it would be best to wait for Leos JMX manager to get 
a good client (hint hint) and then we could safely and securely manage the 
servers that way.

> - also, a while ago we
> mentioned the potential for non-expanded sar files - anything changing
> that impacts these two areas ?

It is about a 20 line change.

Essentially you goto DefaultSarDeployer and remove expand() function and 

URL[] getClassPath( final File file )

to create URLs of the form

rather than

If it is a feature you want then I will try to do it next time I get the 
chance. The main reason I haven't done it is because some server rely on 
things being expanded to filesystem and I wasn't sure how to handle this. I 
thought about adding an optional ant script to do "install" things or maybe 
some other descriptor. Really not sure atm.



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