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From "Leo Sutic" <leo.su...@inspireinfrastructure.com>
Subject RE: [Patch] New Avalon Docs
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 13:47:37 GMT

In implementing.xml, there is a code sample that says:

    public final void configure(Configuration conf)
    throws ConfigurationException {
        if (!initialized || disposed) {
            throw new IllegalStateException ("Illegal call");

which is wrong, as the initialized member is set in initialize, which is
called after configure. And there is still:

    public final Document getDocument(Principal requestor, int refId) {
        if (initialized || disposed) {
            throw new IllegalStateException("Illegal call");

        // TODO: FILL IN LOGIC

Which should be "if (!initialized || disposed)", as we do not want an
exception if the component is initialized and not disposed.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Berin Loritsch [mailto:bloritsch@apache.org]
> Sent: den 17 juli 2001 15:27
> To: Avalon Development
> Subject: Re: [Patch] New Avalon Docs
> Leo, Please check the info I have in CVS under Implementing.
> I updated it with a few simple changes.  If any of my previous
> points need to be reflected in the documentation, let me know.

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