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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject New Docs
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2001 16:05:09 GMT
I have the new doc generation configuration set up.  All I have to
do now is automate it.  I can place the generated documenation in
CVS so that when we update our site, it will show up.

It looks pretty good.  I like the way we can give more information
about the book and author in the DocBook method.  Also, it allows
us to include our author definitions from external files.  That is
really cool, as it will allow us to have a directory for our author
definitions, and advertise our skills.

I think you guys will like the better control we have using DocBook.
I haven't gotten around to PDF conversions--but that is a different
beast altogether.

This is killer!
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