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From "Mircea Toma" <mirceat...@home.com>
Subject Re: MBeanComponentManager...again!....I got it!
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2001 23:22:38 GMT

Ok, I think I got it! My goal was to have components created and configured
by a ComponentManager but in the same time I wanted to manage them at
runtime using a JMX adaptor. Since the ComponentManager has to keep
references to components the only way to manage a components at runtime was
to pass the component instance to the MBean server using
MBeanServer.registerMBean(Object, ObjectName). The only components that
would make sense to register with the MBeanServer are only the components
that have one instance within the application.
As a result I extended the ExcaliburComponentManager and overridden the
addComponent and addComponentInstance by adding the step of registering the
component with the MBeanServer if it implements the ThreadSafe interface
(same thing for ExcaliburComponentSelector).
... This is it. Right now I'm using this approach and it works wonderfully!

...thoughts are welcomed!



P.S.: Leo, I think you where right to have doubts about a
MBeanComponentManager....what I'm doing in this approach can be done in
other parts of the code. It also proves that Avalon is general enough to
cover different patterns encountered in development.

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From: "Leo Simons" <mail@leosimons.com>
To: "Avalon Development" <avalon-dev@jakarta.apache.org>
Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2001 1:44 PM
Subject: RE: MBeanComponentManager...again!

> <<I need to have a better integration between Avalon and JMX but because
> there
> are some overlaps I want to solve them elegantly. I know that the attached
> code is very primitive but its purpose is only to get a better feedback.>>
> I'm sorry to take so long in responding...I've installed windows for the
> time in two weeks now and it still keeps hanging, and linux still chokes
> my DSL connection (or rather, my ISP chokes on linux...)
> << So, my questions are:
> a) Is this MBeanComponentManager the right approach (eventually the
> MBeanComponentSelector too...when I'll understand more about the
> framework...maybe when Berin's docs will be done)?! >>
> I personally have my doubts about the entire concept of an
> MBeanComponentManager
> (see the archive), but this is probably because I'm still too unused to
> using
> a ComponentManager. I'll try and find time this sunday to finally finish
> the
> mess I left JMX within phoenix in.
> << b) Did you have in mind federated component managers that will
> register/lookup the components with JNDI contexts and/or JMX server-s in a
> consistent way? >>
> I'm not sure, but this sounds more like an app to run on top of phoenix
> beside it) and not like a phoenix core capability. There's been talk 'bout
> this
> before. I for one have nothing against it.
> To cut a long story short, we're not quite sure yet about how to handle
> w/
> phoenix. Input is welcome =)
> regards,
> Leo, who really hopes he'll be able to send this out...
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