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From "Leo Simons" <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject RE: COP vs CBD
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 18:35:57 GMT
> This may seem picky, but it is just an observation...


> I was just reading through the avalon website and noticed that the term
> "Component Oriented Programming, COP" is introduced. Since this concept is
> normally called "Component Based Development, CBD", it might be better to
> adopt the accepted jargon rather than invent a new one.

>From my perspective, COP != CBD. EJB is CBD, but EJB is not COP.
"Component Based Development" really is just some marketing buzz
to indicate there are some fancy features available in a
product above and beyond...well, 'the usual'.
If you read the docs closely, you'll see JavaBeans (or COM+, or
whatever 'other' framework) as an example of development based on
'components' where the notion of 'component' is a lot less formalized
than it is in Avalon.

> It may be the case the COP is significantly different from CBD in
> avalon (as
> I haven't used it yet). If it isn't different, however, then from a
> marketing perspective it might be good to ride the CBD wave.

>From a marketing perspective, you're right ;)
>From the Open Source/Free Software perspective, we should promote
some sort of clarity, something the enterprise software design
community really needs in between the J2EE vs .Net battle...

> Just
> a thought.

same here; thanx anyways,

> Michael.


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