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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: How about this small change to the logo?
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 21:09:22 GMT
Leo Simons wrote:
> > I added some dimension to it with bump mapping and shadows.
> It needs fine-tuning, but otherwise it looks much better (on screen)

It prints nice too.

> > Is there any way we can get our Avalon graphics in a SVG format so that
> > we can generate PDF documentation with graphics that actually look pretty?
> > GIFs don't tend to scale very well.
> Well, I made 'em in vector format in CorelDRAW 9, so that should be a
> matter of saving as SVG. Can also provide Adobe Illustrator or PDF format
> if you want them?

Well, we are dealing with XML document generation--I prefer SVG.  We can
use Batik, FOP, etc. to handle image generation.

> > Also, while I appreciate the hard work that went into our logos, I think
> > I can offer a couple of suggestions that would make them even better.
> > The first thing you notice is the stark shallow-chromatic-ness of
> > the logo.
> > In other words, it looks as if it were designed solely for
> > monochrome printers.
> It was designed to print well. Shading/shadow 'degrades' poorly.

Used judiciously, it does not interfere too badly.  Check out the
other logos I posted a little while ago.

> > I think that with the subtle use of shadows we can achieve this
> > again--still
> > using our current design.  Check out the logos of some of the
> > other Jakarta
> > packages (I enclosed what I think are the best of the crop).  All of them
> > have a certain level of dimension.  Whether the dimension is created by
> > color variations (i.e. tomcat), or by shadows (i.e. jetspeed)
> > they all lend
> > a visual interest that our logo doesn't grab.
> agreed. Of the lot, I definately like the james logo best. The log4j
> one is beautiful but impractical.

I agree.  The James logo rocks.  It is simple, professional, and distinctive.

> > I guess I am jumping on this bandwagon now that I am in publication mode,
> > and I want our project to be well presented.
> don't we all?
> I'm attaching a PDF version of the logo. I'd really like to see the 'source'
> logo stay in a completely vector format. I'll download SVG export capability
> and send you that. Export from CDR to AI seems a bit lossy. I'll fiddle with
> it a bit tomorrow.

Cool.  Right now I have the GIMP, so vector image editing is not easy.


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