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From Ken Geis <ken_g...@telocity.com>
Subject JDBC driver specific initialization
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2001 23:25:29 GMT
Hi.  For an Avalon application I'm writing, I'm making a data access 
layer block.  Because of the component nature, that I can switch out 
implementations easily, I am trying to make use of JDBC driver specific 
features.  In specific, I am trying to use PostgreSQL's 
Connection.addDataType(), which can be done at connection initialization.

Since the JdbcDataSource returns an opaque JdbcConnection, the only way 
I can see to do what I want is to extend or reimplement 
JdbcConnectionFactory and JdbcDataSource.

Does anyone see a better way to do this?  Should there be an easier way?


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