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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject I need to catch up--Server errors this weekend
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2001 13:48:12 GMT
This weekend, Yahoo went nuts with its mail server, and I
can't POP into it right now.  I have changed my .forward,
so I can receive new mail--but basically I need a quick
recap for the weekend's activity.

1) Are we in agreement to do Beta 2 for LogKit, Framework,
   and Excalibur now?

2) I skimmed a little on the GPL/APL issues on the Yahoo
   mail site--can I get a quick summary of where we are
   on that?

3) Peter, you hade added a makeReadOnly() to some classes,
   which ones, and why did Initializable not suit your

   Since we are in beta, I would like to not force a change
   in how we use Avalon framework components if necessary.
   Your example has warranted a change, but wouldn't it
   be better to use the framework for things like this?

Just a side note, the reason all my components explicitly
check if contextualize(), compose(), configure, and
parameterize() have been already called is because I am
explicitly enforcing the contract that is in Avalon.
As Peter has discovered with the DefaultComponentManager
and Configurable classes, if a contract is not explicitly
enforced, someone will abuse that contract.  I guess you
could call it defensive programming--but I would rather
force people to do things correctly than have them blame
me for an unsecure product.

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