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From Ken Geis <ken_g...@telocity.com>
Subject datasource block problems
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 10:54:23 GMT
I have two problems with the datasource components/blocks.  If someone 
can help, I'd appreciate it.

1) The DefaultDataSourceSelector block only looks for JDBC drivers in 
the system classloader.  I think that it should also check the SAR 

2) I don't know if the following should be fixed in JdbcDataSource or in 
a Configuration class.

There is no way for me to construct a data source with an empty string 
as the password.  If I don't specify the password or if I specify 
<passwd></passwd>, the default of null is used.  I would prefer that if 
<passwd> is omitted, the Configuration returns null; if <passwd> is 
empty, the Configuration returns an empty string.

The PostgreSQL driver does not work with a null password.  Of course 
another solution would be for the JdbcDataSource to use a default of an 
empty string.



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