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From Paul Hammant <paul_hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Jesktop becoming an Apache project
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 23:09:26 GMT

Not everyone's idea of a sane server application, but Jesktop (to remind people) is a server
that sits on top of Avalon/phoenix.  Sane so far, yes, insane in that it is a layer that performs
the functions of a desktop operating system.

It's been my intention all along to give it to Apache when it reaches a level of maturity.
 It is
kinda close.

Jesktop grants multi hot-installable applications the ability to sit inside one VM and co-exist
in the same GUI space, but under separate classloaders.  Themes can be set for all apps (Decorator
concept), a mime registry has been started, there is abstractions for types of containment
(JFrames versus JInternalFrames).

The core code is Apache license.  The interfaces are BSD.  The reason for BSD is simple -
I have
ported a number of applications to Jesktop from the open source community and some of them
GPL.  To not break their licenses (any further than the original authors have done - ho ho),
have used BSD as it's approved both by Apache and by the FSF.  That situations not ideal as
like to have made the licenses Apache throughout.  I still could of course as it's all my

As I say I am in a position soon enough to donate what I can to Apache (and still continue
with it
myself).  Questions, would the PMC say yes (they are not allergic to GUI apps are they)? 
should I do with the interfaces?  Leave them as BSD, move them to Apache license (and damn
consequences to the GPL ported apps that import them)? 

It might also be nice to know what I have done by way of ports:

 * Batik - the xml.apache.org GUI tool 
 * Horstscape (a browser with a commercial widget for rendering HTML)
 * Beanshell - full scripting/command line env, with dynamic java capability. V cool.
 * XBrowser - the GPL HTML Browser
 * TextPad  - GPL text editor
 * Demos (various hacky gui demos of mixed license)
 * Skin Look and Feel (Apache clone license) - as a Decorator 
   - this allows all hosted apps to look like Mac, Windows, Beos, Mozilla etc.
 * OYOAHA (decorator too, with commercial but free look/widget)
 * JPad - Text editor - GPL
 * Jipe - IDE (non compiling) - GPL
 * JTetris - Game - free
 * JFileManager - as it says
 * JCDSee - graphics browser - GPL
 * JarUtil (winzip alike) Apache license
 * Apps (clock, image viewer etc)

Porting apps has become quite boring. It's a way for me to avoid the nitty gritty of making
core code better and completing the partially done bits....

To recap, all can run at the same time.  Jesktop can run alongside James, Cornerstone demos,
SAR aplications.  It has a pluggable window manager scheme (two Windows variants so far, Amiga,
Mac to do).

I think it would be a worthy project for Apache, and with Avalon itself, could become ApacheOS
(forgetting for a min the underlying JDK).

Jesktop itself is hosted at www.jesktop.org (down for a day or two while I rebuild).  The
apps (of whichever license) are hosted at www.jesktop.net (also down).

How to proceed?

Could I gather some thoughts from those Avalon fans here before I go to the Jon Stevens &
the PMC


- Paul H

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