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From Paul Hammant <paul_hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [ Was "Off Topic...", now: ] Avalon become OS.
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2001 15:18:03 GMT
Berin : Do you want me to email you the subject of this thread?  If yes, just since Saturday?


> >GPL is completely insane for toolkits, services and APIs. Its only
> patronised by people that are
> >new to the "cause" of open source, or those too proud to admin they have
> made the wrong choice of
> >open source license (the second half of that is paraphrasing your comments
> Peter (entirely valid)
> >during the spat with the JBoss people late last year).
> You have to realize that when the GPL was born there was a very good reason
> for making the choices it made. I agree 100% with those decisions at that
> time. GPL serves the users at the expense of developers. In current times
> there is still some reasons to use GPL. Mainly if a company does not want
> to release code only to have market-savy competitiors repackage and resell it.

That's a good point - release as GPL to open it, but stifle commercial competitors use.  A
of sorts.
> The other reason a lot of new comers use GPL is because of advertising
> (they believe GPL==opensource) and they don't really understand
> implications and actually believe some of the rhetoric spouted by 'anarhy r
> us' type peeps. 

That's what I meant by "new to the cause".  You put it better though.
 [ Avalon == ApacheOS (phase 1) ]

> It is definetly something I have played with as an idea. One of the main
> reasons I ended up getting involved with Ant was to play with idea of an
> ant init system (first process in *nix systems) and also to rebuild my
> cron/job/at server. I am also involved with Isolate JSR (basically fork for
> java) which should be a step in right direction.

Can we go down the gap route?  i.e. where does Avalon on top of J2SE on top of host OS (or
other) not fill the requisites for OS definition.

Incidentally, Peter, you're spot on for pushing Ant down the Avalon road (as long as it remains


- Paul H

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