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From Paul Hammant <paul_hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject RE: Off Topic: FSF makes peace with rest of open source world (not)
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2001 09:03:36 GMT
David (and others)...

To summarize the pitfalls from the point of view of Java:

1) GPL code can't import non approved licenses, nor be imported by non approved licenses (with
exception of the underlying operating system, JDK, or major OS-like interface - HTTPServlet

2) GPL code can be modified by a business or org and kept secret, provided the code is not
distributed out again.

3) Modifications to GPL code (like other OSS licenses) must be republished. The difference
is that
the GPL hints that you should include the source in the binary distrbution or provide a minimal
cost distro of source by snail mail (I am *not* going to do that!!!).  Having to URLs - one
src, one for binary, is not enough, but very common.

4) GPL likes Xerces because Xerces implements a W3C interface (approved).  The linking of
Xerces classes is achieved through a factory that *could* have multiple implementations (somthing
the GPL likes very much).  If you import any org.apache.* class (and other utilities under
other OSI approved licenses) you are in breach of GPL.

5) Whole situation sucks.  Mozilla & Apache licenses (plus 20 others) are first class
licenses.  LGPL is better for toolkits (see the GPL license for commentary on glibc) than
The DB people you are dealing with will sometime soon change their license as it's unusable
toolkits.  This happend to JBoss and others, but sometimes there is great resistance to this


This leads us neatly on to Avalon, If Avalon's interfaces were declared "Operating system",
they would be granted the same excepmtion as JDK classes would (they are a commercial license).

People are going to object here, citing examples like not file system implemented in Avalon....

It is my opinion that OS is where we should head....


- Paul H

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