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From steve <st...@keptprivate.com>
Subject DataSource question...
Date Sun, 20 May 2001 20:24:48 GMT

I'm using the datasource component in a servlet
and I have a "stupid" question.  Once I have the
JdbcDataSource configured and use
getConnection() there is no API to give the
connection back.  How is it handled?  The only
test example is pretty simplistic in that it creates
a datasource then a connection and then closes
it and exits.  If instead I am tyring to create the
DataSource in my servlet's init() and then in each
request handler get a connection does this model
fit how the API is inteded to be used?  It seems to
work but I just wanted to make sure that the
connections are getting reclaimed.  And that I'm using the DataSource as 

Thanks, and sorry again if this is stupid. I'm new to this stuff.  


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