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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject [RT/OT?] Avalon Framework Whitepaper
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 17:10:01 GMT
I have decided to attempt to host a session on developing
while using the Avalon Framework, using Cocoon as an
example at the upcomming ApacheCon Europe 2000.  However,
I need some feedback from people who would be interested.

The biggest thing I want to do is have something that
benefits the most amount of people.  I already am aware
of the very common, "So what is this Avalon thing anyway".
So I will have a section devoted to that in the session

My employer wants me to do something on "How do I decompose
a system into Components?".

Alot of people also need clarification on the contracts and
mechanisms involved in Avalon development.

Please, if you would be interested in a session like this
(the papers will be made available on www.apachecon.com
when they are written) please send me some feedback so I
know how to focus my efforts.

Please send all responses to "bloritsch@apache.org" with
a subject line of "Avalon Whitepaper".

The best format for the response would be a list of
questions about the Avalon Framework.  As time is precious,
I most likely won't be able to respond to all of the questions.
I will respond to questions that I feel need some explanation
for me to comprehend what you are asking.

I will compile the responses into a FAQ and an outline.  I
will attempt to address all the issues in the Avalon
documentation for the Beta 2 release.  It will also give me an
idea of how much time I will need to present (allowing for
questions and answers).

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