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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject [VOTE] LogKit Code Freeze Plans
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 13:29:48 GMT
Since LogKit is the official loggin mechanism of Avalon, and
used in the Framework and Excalibur, I propose that LogKit
enters code freeze along with the other packages.

All a code freeze means is that no new features will be
added during the freeze, and the API remains the same.
Its purpose is to focus on bug fixes.


LogKit follows same release plan as Framework/Excalibur

I am +1 as they need each other.

Has LogKit ever had an official release?
What version should we apply to it?

Since it is more independant of Framework/Excalibur I don't
think we should match version numbers like MS artificial jump
to Version 6 on its office suite.  I don't know if you recall,
but they had Word 5.x, Excel 4.x, PowerPoint 4.x, and Access 2.x
and the next version for all of them was 6.0.

LogKit is very useful, and a well written program.  It's API has
been fairly stable from the beginning.  However, documentation
is severely lacking in that project.  It would benefit from the
focus we will be placing on Beta 2 (Documentation).

I found out after talking to my CTO, that the reason he was hesitant
to use Avalon most was the lack of useful documentation.  (I can
say this because I wrote most of what we do have).  He would like
to see some stuff on how to break down a system into Components.
He is familiar with OO techniques (a SystemUser object, a Dog, etc).
and less with breaking down analasys into useful Components.  I would
like to see documentation on the correct manner to set up a Logger,
and how to take advantage of Rolling Log Files, etc.

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