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From "Stephen McConnell" <mcconn...@osm.net>
Subject Visual Management Tool (was RE: config.xml update)
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 22:46:29 GMT

Ken Geis [mailto:ken_geis@telocity.com]
> OK.  I understand how to link blocks together in the assembly.xml now.
> I was confused about config.xml because I didn't realize that 
> Configuration objects are hierarchical.  That's OK now.
> I'm still wondering...  Is there anything planned to introspect a block 
> and figure out how its configuration is structured?  I'd think this 
> would be important for visual tools to configure an Avalon server.

I agree - this is one area where newbies are going to delve into Avalon - 
find the same problems as you did - then go away because its too hard. 
One part of the problem is that the doc is out of sync with the actual 
process however, the cornerstone domos are a working example of block 

Things I would *love* to see in a visual management tool would be the 
(1) ability to wire blocks together (i.e. declaration of dependencies 
in a similar way to the bean model of wiring events producers and 
listeners); (2) a generic configuration display plug-in spec that 
leverages the JMX stuff from Leo - but adds that support for config 
file graphic manipulation; (3) show of Avalon block lifecycle support - 
i.e. be able to really start, suspend, resume, stop phoenix and watch 
blocks doing there stuff in response.


Stephen J. McConnell, OSM sarl
digital products for a global economy

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