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From "Leo Simons" <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject enabling jmx in phoenix
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 14:06:07 GMT

I've been pretty busy trying to integrate jmx into the
phoenix proposal. It now runs (except for
stop.bat resulting in a NoMethodFoundException
for shutdown.main()) fine on my system (though it
still doesn't do anything).

You might want to look at the proposal CVS and start
trying to merge the jmx code into the main phoenix
branch (I'd try but I still get lost in the kernel
code =).

- In theory (who knows, it might actually work!), the
two lines

        DynamicMBean mBean =
DynamicMBeanFactory.create( entry.getInstance() );
        this.manager.getMBeanServer().registerMBean( mBean, new
bjectName( name ) );

in PhoenixKernel.add(), along with their counterparts
in the remove() method and some code to give the
kernel a reference to the manager are all that is
needed in the Kernel to provide full JMX handling
of applications through RMI.

- the proposal still only runs as a singleton; this
shouldn't be too difficult to change now; I've changed
Start and Shutdown to use the rmiregistry; doesn't
quite work yet though.

- I've added a build.xml and readme.txt file to the
proposal that can be used as starting point for
building a running version of the proposal.



	About LSD  = new PersonalInfo();
	LSD.name("Leo Simons");
		http://www.leosimons.com, // personal website
		http://www.atfantasy.com, // fantasy RPG portal
		http://www.the-sign.nl    // web-design company
	] );

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