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From "Leo Simons" <m...@leosimons.com>
Subject RE: jmx
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 18:08:59 GMT
> > So, the process to follow as I envision it would be:

> I think it would be useful finisih things in layers.
> Layers could be
> a) Get the reconfiguration working via JMX interfaces.
> b) Get Notification interfaces working. This is really important, 
> beacause a
> server framework needs to tell the right people about the state.
> c) do integration of JMX with SNMP, WBEM etc. Whatever the adminstrators
> need to manage the server.
> d) Get the class reloading , kernel design issues right.
> I think (a), (b), (c) are really important and in some way add to but not
> require dramatic changes to the Avalon Kernel. (d) would require maximum
> changes, but I think a good server solution would have redundancy, so it
> should be ok to provide a good stable server solution without even doing
> (d). On the other hand (d) seems interesting.
> I don't know much of the kernel, the changes I did in earlier Avalon
> framework were pre-phoenix.

>From the fact that phoenix is not present in 4.0 yet, I figured it is to
undergo a bit of a redesign. Thus, this is the right time to get jmx into
it - things should get stable at v4. Therefore, it seems like a good idea
to start with (d)...and it's more fun this way too =)

> My impression has been that Enhydra provides a lot of things - Reloading,
> SNMP, JNDI namespace, logging etc. It is and Avalon competitor.

Hmm. Enhydra 3.1 is a competitor for OpenEJB etc. 4.0 for other J2EE
implementations. Avalon does not try to be a J2EE implementation - I
feel it is both below and beyond that spec.
Thus, they're not in the same problem space and therefore not direct
competitors. But it is true there is quite a bit overlap =)

> I 
> had tried
> to the some of the above  things, like running Enhydra, trying to 
> make sense
> out of their JMX stuff etc,

Me too. I've decided it would take less time to think this up ourselves
than to borrow ideas from Enhydra =) ... but it might be good for the
project if you disagree with me...


LSD, who hasn't got too much time for Avalon this week, so hopes you
accept delays in responses from him as well

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