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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Status of framework beta release?
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 16:01:42 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> At 09:07  23/4/01 -0400, Berin Loritsch wrote:
> >Let's not take my argument to the extreme.  The natural separation of
> Cornerstone, Pheonix,
> >and Avalon Framework (and LogKit) is both acceptable and good.  My
> argument is to not take
> >the extreme approach in the other direction and have 20 jars where 3 or 4
> are warranted.
> Lets see - I want 3 jars for cocoon for clearly separate concerns
> * logging
> * framework
> * components
> So where are the other 17 you are yammering about ? ;)

Exaggeration to make a point ;P.

Logging and Framework/Components are already separate, so that's a non-issue.

The key issue with separating Framework/Components into separate jars is a
future concern.  The Java Services proposal (JSR-111) has a direct crosscuttting
concern area with Avalon Framework (and part of Pheonix).  This is from their
public proposal, so I don't think I can say a whole lot more than that.

If we determine that the JSR framework which will be pooled from several existing
frameworks and several bright minds should replace our Framework we have nothing
that is Avalon anymore.  For instance, if this comes to pass in a year's time,
then we will have one dead CVS project and one live one, as opposed to repurposing
the existing CVS project to be implementations of the javax.services packages.

Am I out of my head on this?  Combining the Excalibur and avalon framework classes
in one jar is a low cost solution.  On the otherhand, placing them in separate
jars but in the same CVS is another low cost alternative.  I will relent on that
point--but not a completely new CVS project.

> >That is a packaging issue for Pheonix, and might help there.  But keep in
> mind that Cocoon
> >attempted that approach, and people got confused over using the Jar as an
> archive vs. using
> >it as an executable.
> yup - there was a few knew apis from sun to do that I believe. Webstart and
> Java Network Launch Protocol (or something similar) - not sure if they are
> applet only but I have a fealing JNLP can also do applications. Something
> to think about for future anyway.
> Cheers,

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