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From Berin Loritsch <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [vote] lifecycle exceptions
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 13:39:38 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> At 10:11  10/4/01 +0200, Leo Simons wrote:
> >proposal:
> >For 4.0 of the framework code, CascadingException
> >is updated to extend RuntimeException,
> -1
> Whats wrong with CascadingRuntimeException???

True that.  My previous +1 was for the concept.

+1 CascadingRuntimeException for lifecycle exceptions.

> >and new exceptions
> >are created for all lifecycle methods except run(), stop()
> >and dispose().
> -1 for run
> +1 for stop/start/resume/suspend/etc
> +/-0 for dispose() (it will be ignored anyway)

I agree.

-1 for run (We can't change Runnable's interface).
+1 for stop/start/resume/suspend
-1 for dispose (What would that accomplish? dispose is used
   to clean up a Component so that the GarbageCollector will
   get rid of it)

> >So:
> >contextualize() throws ContextualizationException
> How about ContextException?

It depends on it's use.  If the ContextException comes from
a Context.get() call and passed up out of the method, then
+1 for ContextException.  If it is derived only from the
contextualize() method, then we should use ContextualizationException.

I vote for ContextException +1.  Use it to propogate
exceptions from the Context object.

> >init() throws InitializationException
> how about initialize() throws InitializationException ? ;)

:)  I know you proposed this before.  Our previous decision
was to keep it init() because of the familiarity of it.  However,
looking at the grammatical patterns of Avalon, it would be more
consistent to use initialize().

You have my +1 for initialize() if for no other reason than
consistency of the API.  (NOTE: a grammatical pattern in a
programming language is more analagous to a language idiom).

> >For:
> >- making use of RuntimeException means that existing code
> >  will be able to compile and run if the exceptions are
> >  not actually thrown.
> Short term benefit is not worth the long term negative effects IMO

What constitutes a RuntimeException in your mind?  For things
that MUST succeed or fail hard, we need explicit exceptions.  That
would include Contextualizable, Disposable, Initializable,
Composer (Composable?).

For things that have more runtime meaning, we should use Runtime
Exceptions.  That would include Runnable, Stoppable, Suspendable,

BTW, I propose that we merge Suspendable and Resumable.  It doesn't
make sence to have one without the other.  All that means is that
the interfaces do not declare explicit classes, but may throw Runtime

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