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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Definition/features of Avalon (RE: Release Plan for Avalon Framework 4.0 beta)
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 12:13:19 GMT
At 01:04  24/4/01 +0200, Leo Simons wrote:
>I'm trying to write the features document. I'd like input from
>everyone. Here's what I have so far:
>The Avalon project provides the following features:
>- Component Oriented Programming framework to easily
>  use and enforce COP in all your applications.
>- best-of-practice patterns so you're application will
>  use a solid, proven design.
>- reusable Components already available for Avalon
>  decrease your time-to-market because you don't have
>  to reinvent the wheel.
>- instant JMX-like manageability for all your applications.
>- several open source applications built on Avalon to
>  use as inspiration for your own applications (Cocoon,
>  JAMES, Jesktop, EAS, XCommander).
>- relatively small footprint for the core framework
>  makes Avalon usable on almost every platform.
>- programmed for scalability and stability making it
>  suitable for the Enterprise.
>- common tasks like thread, socket, class and configuration
>  management are handled for you.
>- the closest thing to Rapid Enterprise Application
>  Development yet
>- pluggable functionality allows for high customization

sounds good - thou we prolly shouldn't advertise JMX stuff until it is
thouroughly integrated :)

>I see Avalon more as an _application_ server framework than just
>a server framework - jesktop is a fine example of a project using
>the framework that is not a server. Thus:
>     Avalon is the framework and implementation for an application
>     component architecture, allowing for easy re-use of software
>     components.  It focuses on stable and scalable solutions to
>     ease collaborative development.  Avalon is composed of the
>     Framework, Excalibur, Cornerstone, Phoenix, LogKit, and the
>     test framework.

Just as a FYI the notion of "Application" framework only came to Avalon in
november/december IIRC and before that Avalon was a single process style
system. So in a way I don't really see Avalon as Application Server
orientated (except for Phoenix/Cornerstone) - thats just one of the
patterns it uses.



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