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From Peter Donald <dona...@apache.org>
Subject RE: [vote] Excalibur CVS
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2001 12:54:37 GMT
At 01:42  21/4/01 +0200, Stephen McConnell wrote:
>Lets be real - the above comments simply establish a context for moving
>forward, with, or without your support. The bottom line is that failure to
>move to beta because you cannot get your way simply means that you are the
>principal obstacle.  If moving to beta means loosing your contribution and
>knowledge about Avalon, then this is an acceptable loss - because if we
>move to beta we (the Avalon fledgling community) will die. I don't want to
>see that happen - instead I want to see a broader process - an open process
>reflecting the consensus of the community - higher levels of contribution
>and active participation - a community where your opinions matter but a
>community where your opinion is just that - one opinion amongst many others.

That I would like. Read this
http://jakarta.apache.org/site/understandingopensource.html. You want it -
you do it. Feel free to ask me what needs doing to get release working.
>From memory the following needs doing

* fix build files (I am not sure both src and bin distrbitions build
properly since migration to new CVSes). Verify distributions run/build on
*nix and win32.
* add in changelog style change list for each project.
* patch docs in all the correct places to make it of beta quality
* prepare a list of news sites to send stuff to
* prepare mail-out announcement

If you want I am sure you can get commit access at which point you will be
able to build and upload the binaries in
http://jakarta.apache.org/builds/jakarta-avalon/release. You can also send
patches against jakarta website to indicate the release and add a news item
(see jakarta-site CVS).

As has been indicated my -1 is not a veto but an indication I don't support
it and neither am I willing to do the work - doesn't mean you can't do it
though. Release Manager is currently a vacant position ;)

As to the rest I would love to never have to touch anything again besides
cornerstone and perhaps kernel stuff (mainly because it is challenging).
Feel free to step up and put in the time and I will stop being so active in
the other areas ;)



| "Faced with the choice between changing one's mind, |
| and proving that there is no need to do so - almost |
| everyone gets busy on the proof."                   |
|              - John Kenneth Galbraith               |

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